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Egg Ita Bag (Please read description)

Egg Ita Bag (Please read description)

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♡ These cross body/shoulder bags were inspired by hard boiled eggs!
♡ It's specifically designed with a clear/transparent window on one side that you can switch to, to showcase your items or accessories (especially enamel pins)!
♡ The bag also comes with one insert that is removable if you do not want to use it! The bag can also be hand held!


Please note that these bags/wallets are handmade so there will be slight blemishes and variances.

A-Grade: Highest quality available. There may be minor blemishes like a small scuff/indent on the leather, or a tiny mark on the interior of the bag/wallet.

B-Grade: More noticeable blemishes such as scratches on the clear ita window, or small mark on the inside of the bag/wallet, but does not impair the its use. B-Grades are sold at a discounted rate.


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